High speed chase

My fellow bloggers are showing me up with all their cute videos. I will soon put an end to that 🙂 Our video camera was old and it finally died last weekend. I now own a super cool high def digitial hard drive camcorder (cannon HG10).

 No new reports on Dixie because he has caught a cold. No temp and no runny nose but a very dry cough. He’s getting some meds and hopefully will feel better in a few days. I noticed the cough when I went out to catch him on Friday. He has decided he would much rather go back to the hanging in the field and playing with his buddies type of lifestyle. He showed off for about 15 min displaying his galloping, bucking and leaping techniques while I tried to catch him. Did I mention he’s feeling good??? I  just stood back and watched him run around like a nut before he got tired and let me catch him. I heard him cough once or twice but thought it was from the hay he was eating before he decided to go on the high speed chase through the fields.

We headed out to ride and he was not to interested in what I had going on but thought he would look at everything in the ring. I was just doing some work at the walk with bending and lateral work. He had forgotten about moving off the leg so we revisited that topic. He was a bit cranky and when we started trot he started up with the coughing again. Mmm..nope that doesn’t sound like a dust cough so I headed back in.

He has been getting lots of grooming and attention this weekend. He will get his shoes put on this week and that should help him move more forward. Right now I can feel him just being a bit short in the front because we have not gotten any rain and the ground is hard. He has nice feet but since I intend to be jumping him and riding four plus days a week he’s not going to be comfortable barefoot. Some horses do well barefoot but it really depends on the horse and the quality of foot.

It’s been fun to watch him become more confident. He’s now boss over Indy (my other CANTER horse that everybody picks on) and that makes him feel good. He went from a horse that had no life in his eye to a horse that has this look of playfulness. When we were throwing down hay tonight he showed off again running and bucking around the field and chasing Indy. He does these sideways kicks as he gallops around that are hilarious. He galloped up and down the field a few times and then came back in to snuggle. I guess some people might worry that he’s feeling too good but I think he’s the type of horse that will put all this new found energy to good use undersaddle. He needed to feel like he was special and having a job does tend to bring out a sense of confidence in horses.

 I can’t wait to ride him again! He has already put on more weight and muscle. I promise some video of our next rides.

One response to “High speed chase

  1. Hehe… it’s funny to watch them get more assertive out in turnout… K was the biggest wuss I’d ever seen at first, but appears to be big man in charge now, LOL

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