Video overload

It took me long enough but I now have video of Dixie and new pics! Dixie has gotten the word that jumping is fun and is now jumping around some baby courses mostly at the trot but we might canter out of a line if it feels right. He is slowly starting to get softer on the right side with lots of bending and suppling exercises. I think he is developing a topline..well the start of one anyway 🙂

Overall, he is much stronger and starting to push off better from behind. His canter is still weak and strung out but as he develops his muscles I am confident that will sort itself out. He likes to pull me out of the tack at the canter especially if I ask him to soften or add leg.

His jumping is quite amusing because he is all over the place so it takes a lot of channeling to keep him straight. Let’s see if this video works?

Um, great illustration on what not to do! Nice horse for saving me 🙂

Eventually we get it right

Since I am on a video roll here is some video of Indy, Klondike and Allie’s cool mare.

This is our cute little mare who I call bunny because she is missing the tips of her ears (they got frostbite when she was a baby). This was the second time I had been on her in my small ring that is less than 20m wide. It’s always fun piloting the babies around in there but they can’t build up any steam which is a good thing. She was really good for being pulled out of the field where she has just hung out for a month. I will keep putting mileage on her until she sells. She went out to the big ring to be lunged today and found it very exciting..didn’t help that her buddy would not stop screaming!



One response to “Video overload

  1. OH sweet sandal wearing wiener dog. I’m so happy i’m in my office by myself right now–I just busted out in hysterics from your blooper video–SO FUNNY! And who hasn’t been there?
    Dixie is looking like a piece of sexy!

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