Searching for Shoes

Does anybody else find themselves heading out the barn getting ready to ride and then you look down and realize your horse has no shoe? Or for the thin soled horses you know you are missing a shoe before you even get their halter around as they gimp around on three legs. That seems to be the theme around my barn lately. My poor farriers!

A big update on our lovely mare Cryinginthechapel aka Bunny. She found a home at a lovely farm and is going to be spoiled rotten. I brought her along with me to our event at MCTA this weekend. I took my horse off the trailer and she had to stand all by herself. She was super. Then she got unloaded in the middle of a very busy horse show with horses all around and she was calmer than calm. I don’t even think she looked around. Her owner was looking for a quiet horse to just do a bit of everything with and I am sure she is going to be head over heels in love already.

Dixie is one of the horses who had lost a shoe. Poor boy came gimping into the barn. I wrapped him up and gave him a good grooming until we could get the farrier out for him. He has put on tons of weight and muscle and looks so good right now. We have done two days of flatwork with some jumps added in. He is going through a bit of a fussy stage right now when he has to go out to the ring alone. He is attached to his buddies and is now boss of the field so perhaps he is worried somebody else will be boss when he leaves but he has not been able to pay attention as well as he has been. I am working on keeping the circles and figure eights controlled and in small areas and mixing in tons of transitions. He wants to pull into the downward transition so I am focusing on keeping my leg on to allow him to stretch into the contact. The right lead has temporarily disappeared. This happens sometimes for various reasons but I don’t worry. I actually love using a single ground poles and picking up my canter over that. I think sometimes their muscles just start to change and they can’t quite do what you are asking. I don’t worry about any of this.

We have also been spending a lot of time building his muscles out on the trails doing a variety of w/t and canter. Delaware has no hills so unfortunately I don’t get to use hills to build muscle but raised poles and small jumps can do the same thing.

My other CANTER cutie Indy’s Wolf managed to twist his shoe and step on his clip. Nothing like walking into the barn and panicking when you see a horse walking on three legs and holding up the other leg. I know stepping on the clip has to hurt. I had some shoe pulling tools…no matter how many times my farrier shows me how to use them I seem to be unable to get shoes off w/o a lot of effort but Indy was patient. No blood but he was ouchy. I soaked him in some hot water with iodine and epsom salts and then wrapped the foot with an animalintex poultice hoping to prevent an abscess. The farrier came back to put Indy and Dixie’s shoes on. Both of them seem to be happy now.

The weather looks great this week and my plans are to move some of the jumps into my field that has a pond in it to make a mini cross country course. I have been intending to do this for a while now but haven’t found the time or gotten the help to move some of the heavier stuff.


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