Consistency is key

Young horses are all about repetition and having short consistent rides to keep them working within the program. Dixie came out today and automatically remembered that leg meant move over and not go faster.

I worked much better at keeping my posting low and slow which allowed him to come through with his hind end and step under so he could come across his back. We only did 15 min of flat work and then played around over the new course I made. Lots of turns and jumps coming off the short diagonals. Part of my course is still under water and of course it was all the scary stuff that was dry so no time like the present to introduce some new jumps.

Tarp produced no reaction

How about this ugly green pipe..nope still not looking

He seems to have figured out the oxer is fun


His form is nothing special right now but like most young horses learning to jump he is still figuring out where all his parts are. I love how honest he is to jumps that most young horses who don’t have much jumping experience would find scary. We are mostly trotting with a bit of cantering. He lands very softly and canters away just as happy as can be.


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