Wide open spaces

Dixie had a busy weekend. He was napping in the field when I woke up this morning until the neighbors started weedwhacking and then he jumped up and threw in a couple of bucks letting them know how pissed he was to be disturbed. At noon, I loaded Dixie and Charlie up for a trip to my mom’s house. I noticed Dixie had lost another shoe..man those bell boots don’t do their job. It probably was when he jumped up and threw in those bucks 🙂 We got to the farm and I unloaded them and gave dixie the ghetto foot wrap. Exhibit one-

My mom was bringing her horse, Flint Hill, the former CANTER MA owned horse that I had restarted. He was excited about heading out on a trail ride

We headed off into the open fields and started with a trot. All was well until Dixie kicked a beer can scaring Flint. Flint jumped up in the air with all fours off the ground and dixie sorta stopped and then ran sideways. Too funny! We got that all sorted out and continued to trot along to let them stretch out. One thing I find with young Tb’s is that they don’t have a lot of patience in the beginning of a ride. A good trot to clear the pipes or even a little canter will let them relax and you will have a much better ride 🙂 Both of these guys are lovely on the trail but they still wanted to do that initial trot.

We did a bit of walking and then picked up a canter and I had to pass Flint because he is just to darn slow. Dixie couldn’t get collected enough to canter behind him so I just came alongside him and man it was great to just canter along on a big balanced tb who was light and soft in the bridle.

We went into the woods and let them walk to cool down and then came back out for more trotting and cantering. We came across some men doing soil tests in the fields on a four wheeler and Flint was not to sure about them but Dixie let him know he was being a big baby and pushed right on past him. One short canter to head back to the trailers and then a walk to cool down.

Wow, Dixie is just too cool. Of course I already loved him but now he has packed around my husband on the trails and was a total gentleman in this huge open fields where he had every opportunity to be silly if he wanted to be. I was trotting and cantering on a soft rein with just baby squeezes here and there to regulate speed. He really is super with listenting to your body so you don’t even have to touch the reins. He has a great balance and is so smooth to ride. It was effortless.

Back on the trailer to ride back to the farm. Unload and get a bath and hang out in the stall while I ride my other horse. Back on the trailer to head back to the farm and finally unload and get his dinner. It was a big day for Dixie and Charlie. I am blessed to have such nice horses.


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