Fun day with friends

Today Dixe and Indy got to go visit with my friend Melissa and her two horses. Melissa has a really cute 20 acre farm and she has built a mini-course all around and recently added some smaller jumps for the greenies. She has lots of logs, a coop, a water crossing, a bank, ditch and more that run along the hay field and through the woods. She lives 40min away but I need to get over more often!

Dixie- Wow, really I know I talk about him all the time but he just always amazes me. Melissa, my mom and I headed out around the farm to warm up. We all trotted around on loose reins just enjoying the early morning. Dixie gave a few jumps the evil eye as we rode by 🙂 Despite trailering over to a new place with a screaming buddy he was relaxed as could be. Too relaxed? Not sure if there is such a thing but Dixie is totally unimpressed by little jumps. How insulting that I make him go over such baby jumps. I will just trot and canter over them in stride. Did I mention he didn’t even peek at them? Cool horse!


I had to hold him back here he was getting so rank 🙂

He loves water

This one impressed him slightly..very slight!

I like his wild looking hair

I walked him over to show him the bank. It was a bigger bank than I would have liked to try for my first time doing a bank with him. I am standing there talking to my mom who is above the hill and all of a sudden he jumped right up the bank 🙂 🙂 Um, great but I was not ready for that!

Going down he was very unsure. He started to go but then slithered half down and pulled himself up. I hate that but sometimes it happens when they are learning. Instead of panicking I let him stand and think about it. My mom dropped of next to him to sorta show him. Then I walked forward and he calmly jumped right off. Good boy! He is so trusting and always stops to think about something which I just love about a horse. Most of the time when they slither and scare themselves they just mentally shut down. He was willing to think through what I was asking for me.

He got hosed off and went out to hang out to have some grass. Indy is up next.


One response to “Fun day with friends

  1. Jerry Koly M.D.

    Wow… I am the breeder of Dixie and the one that delivered him. He’s awsome and I’ve been wandering how he’s doing. You have done an amazing job. Get back to me please. Love your blog and you have made my wife and myself so happy in finding him again. He’s got an awsome family tree by the way.

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