Bending seems to be a theme

Of course we all know that Tb’s run around the track to the left and their bodies are often very one sided and they can be stiff to the right or left depending on how their muscles developed. I really appreciate how hard it is to stretch out muscles that have not been used after my experiences with physical therapy for my broken wrist. Not only did my wrist not want to move but it was painful to move it! It took three months of three days a week therapy to get back the motion and even now almost a year after the break I still don’t have full motion and probably never will.

I was thinking about this as I rode Dixie today. I have been working really hard on his right side with tons of lateral work, spiral circles, carrot stretches and more. When we first started out riding to the right was more like riding a board and the right lead canter was nonexistent and when it did occur it was a bit rough. Tonight we came out very relaxed and warmed up at the walk doing our leg yeilds and he was soft and relaxed. I was on a loose rein and just using my leg to move him right and left and he was super. He has gotten the concept that leg means over when used in a certain way. He was bending right and moving around my right leg into the outside rein. He still had some resistance but for the most part it seems to be easier for him to bend right.

He picked up the right lead twice on the first try!!! Go Dixie! We cantered circles and I didn’t feel like we were leaning over and the canter was overall more balanced. He still wants to pull a bit going right but I need to get my half halts in a little better.

Here are his bites..poor baby!

Recent confo pic

It has been slightly over 4 months now. I like the changes I am seeing! I believe we are going for a x-country school this weekend so that should be fun.


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