City by the Sea found a new home

Earlier last week I had talked with a potential buyer on the phone about Dixie. She was shopping for her boss who is building a horse farm in Hunt Valley, MD and was looking for an all around type of horse that they could trail ride and possibly foxhunt. She liked the pictures and video of Dixie. I got a great feeling from talking to her because she was a “real” horseperson which makes the process much easier. She came down over the weekend and we rode Dixie. He still had the big oozing fly bites but they didn’t look as bad 🙂 He was very good and she really liked him a lot. We w/t/c and jumped him around and then she took him on a solo trail ride. In the end, she thought he was quiet and lovely but too big of a stride with a bit to much power for her boss.

She told me she thought he would need something similar but a little less stride and bit more unflappable. Mmmm…I have a horse just like that I said. He’s a 3yr 15.2 and growing, very quiet, kid safe and cute as can be. He cribs and well he didn’t race because he paddles but he is great horse. I can see her looking at me like I had horns coming out of my head but I think she realized I was a good judge when it came to horses. I pulled him out of the stall and she thought he was cute and looked quiet enough. She tacked him up and rode him down to the ring flapping all around like a beginner rider, kicking him, riding on the buckle and waving her arms around. Dewey was looking at her like she was crazy but just plugging around like whatever…I just go around so do whatever you want lady. She jumped him around a little course and then took him out on the trails. I see her coming back up to the barn smiling and knew she loved him.

I think she had to convince her boss who is not really a horseperson yet but he trusted her opinion and Dewey went home with her that day. He walked right up on the trailer. He unloaded perfectly and settled in like he travels everyday. She took him on a trail ride at her house just to make sure he was going to be okay and then delivered him to her boss. He has a new fan club and they all love him. He is going to be spoiled rotten and I think it is going to work out perfectly. He really just is that quiet and unflappable. The horse just doesn’t see the point in going anywhere to fast and he was as brave as can be.

She told me she went home and read my ad on dreamhorse and he was exactly how the ad described but she would have never come to look at him and was glad she found him. She will be spreading the word on how nice Dixie is to her local hunt so hopefully he will be the next one to find a home. Of course Indy is also looking for a home so if anybody is looking for another small but quiet horse they need to check him out.


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