Catching up

I tend to get busy and forget to write about our progress. My cute litte Indy lost some shoes. We got him fixed up over the weekend and then I see him walking in on three legs on Monday morning. Twisted shoe and stepped on the clip= ouch!!! Poor Indy. So he is getting his hoof packed with some magic cushion in between soaking and poulticing with magic cushion. Farrier was sure it was just badly bruised and he walking better now.

Dixie took a trip over the weekend to provide some company for another horse I have in training. My friend rode Dixie and he was super despite the 90+ temps at 9am on Sunday morning.












So tired










This week has been an easy week for Dixie. He had Monday off and Tuesday was a light ride. Yesterday when I got on it started to lighting and thunder. I can deal with rain but getting struck by lightining didn’t seem so smart so we head in.

Today was the first under 90 degree day in a while.. big relief for horses and humans! My hubby came out to take some pictures of Dixie and set some fences for me. I love the muscle that Dixie is getting. I remarked to my friend that she looked little on him and she is the same height as me just much thinner. I actually think I look little on him now. I can’t believe how thick his neck is getting and how he has come uphill. I love the tranformations these horses go through.


Here we are warming up

One thing about Dixie is that he is hard to get to stretch and he is good at faking it. I know he is not coming across the back but it is darn hard to get him stretching. My goal lately has been to really get him coming across the back and working from behind into the contact. I have been working on my own position on bringing my elbows back to my sides and sitting up more. I can see in many pictures this has resulted in low hands or too long of reins. Gotta love the pictures for pointing out our flaws.

I need to cut the grass 🙂









 Caught myself pulling back the inside rein to create bend…I overuse my left rein and it shows so this was a good reminder.









 With this particular horse I would like to see a lot more of this to get him to stretch down and come across the back. He is built uphill so going on the forehand is not something that I worry about with him. I was using some spiral circles to get him more supple.










The right lead canter is improving and we almost always get the right lead on the first try. It is still a bit quick and strung out. I am okay with that because I know what we started with and that was something that resembled a motorcyle out of control. This boy has a big stride so I need to apply better half halts and get him more collected so he can not pull to the right.

I haven’t done as much jumping with him as I should be. The weather has been hot and the ground has been hard as a rock. I started out by walking one x-rail and then trotting a few simple x-rails and verticals. He wanted to rush a bit in that last step so I worked on keeping the same tempo in the trot all the way to the base of the jump and making sure I was softening on the take off but keeping my shoulders centered.

I wanted to work on a simple grid so we started with just the x-rail.

Next we added the pole in front. Holy cow, you would think we had never done this. He is going what..pole..ack..can’t think fast enough. I keep pushing him and we sort half walk/stumble through. Good times 🙂

We go through this several times back and forth and then add a pole on the backside because he wanted to jump flat and rush away a bit. I had a feeling he would find the poles on either side a bit much and he did. He got there and saw all the poles and was just wide eyed and stuck b/w the first pole and the x-rail not wanting to go but not being able to back up. We walked over the x-rail. He is smart so sure enough we came back around and he remembered what this exercise was all about. You think he was awake now 🙂

I wanted to do some more adding another vertical in but realized that was mentally enough for him today. He was excellent and I will do a lot more grids this week and I am going to try to take him out x-country this weekend.


One response to “Catching up

  1. heh. I love how unconcerned he is about the crossrail… “hmmm. well, it’s teeny, so it’s not like I have to work too hard…” smart pony!

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