Field Trip

I am jealous that all my fellow bloggers get to ride together and get such cool video/pics. I run a small training/sales/boarding barn with just eight horses and no “real boarders.” All the horses boarded are there for training so I love to get out and ride with other people when possible. When I move to my new place I want at least one boarder who rides. I take a lot of trips off the farm to different places but mostly a few friends and my mom’s farm.

I haven’t talked much about the other horse I have in for training. Morethanalittle aka Mick, Mcsexy, mchotty or the black horse is a lovely 4yr Tb that was donated to CANTER MA but fostered by the most wonderful supporter of CANTER MA. She is a champion for ottb’s and her mission is to help as many of them as possible find new careers. She sent Mick to me to get started after he had two months to just be a horse at her lovely farm. I am not sure what her exact plan was since he was a bit of an unknown. She had not even seen him trot around since has been combating abscesses in several feet since his arrival. I get pretty excited about horses…really just about any horse can make me happy but working with this guy has really been giving me something to look forward to. It is a good thing she ended up buying him for herself or I would have bought him..heck there are several people right now that would buy him in a second but I would fight them for him and I fight dirty so no doubt I would win. I am not sure what it is about this horse..well he is a dark bay with white and that right there is up on my list of favorite colors. He has an extremely intelligent eye. Lovely mover, brave, athletic and about the sweetest horse I have ever had. He would totally get in your lap if he could.

















Today, was a big day for Dixie and Mick. I loaded them up by myself. Dixie walks right on and stands quietly while I go get Mick. Mick likes to stand at the bottom of the ramp giving me the finger. I have to threaten him and then he walks up with no issues. Head over to my mom’s house. Unload both horses. Dixie gets turned out in a field with a big pile of hay. Mick loads back up on my mom’s trailer.

We head off to take Mick and her horse Flint Hills (CANTER MA horse) to Carousel Park. Carousel Park is a gorgeous facility in Hockessin, Delaware where they now hold starter trials and will eventually hold recognized events there. Despite being in Delaware there are actually big hills 🙂 The course is a few years old and is really beautiful. They have a full elementary, baby novice and novice course with well designed fences. Mom and I had so much fun. It really is nice to do you first school with somebody who rides responsibly. I find that having the right partner makes a difference in the outcome. We took turns jumping and making sure we didn’t leave each other which is a big no no on the greenies. Flint is a rock star and jumps anything mom points him out. For 5yrs old he is darn near a packer and it has been fun to see her gain her confidence back. Are you reading folks..this is a 5yr ottb tb that totally rocks it. Quiet, safe, honest and just a total blast to ride. I think she has a permanent smile when she rides him.

I sure had a smile riding Mick who never looked at a thing and jumped everything I pointed him at. Never once got rattled or acted out. Well he was a tiny bit silly over the first three jumps and landed letting me know he was having fun but really if that is the worst he does then I consider that laughable. We jumped ditches, water, tons of banks, logs, ramps, rolltops and more. We were out for about an hour and half and didn’t want to leave we were having so much fun. The place is just gorgeous with all these trails, ponds and hills.

When I got back to the farm I tacked up Dixie for his ride. Wow, it was one heck of a ride. I sure wish I had some video because he was really lovely on the flat staying very consistent. He jumped everything in the ring including barrels, coops, boxes with flowers, a big black pipe, a liverpool and more. He was having so much fun and was so relaxed. I think the back to basics of poles in front and back of that simple x-rail had a relaxing effect on him because I felt like we could have been respectable in the 2’6″ hunters. 

Back on the trailer for the ride home. Both boys were very tired! I will try to get Dixie out for his x-country school this weekend. He looks so good right now I just can’t get over how big he has gotten.


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  1. wow. McSexy really is sexy. Look at that!

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