Bit Change- Happy mouth

Sometimes I wish I had magicial mind reading abilities so I could figure something out sooner. Dixie is going well but he just has not become steady in the bridle like I have wanted and regardless of rein length he doesn’t want to stretch as much as I want him to. You get the feeling he is just holding himself in a bit of a fake frame. My last ride was great but watching the video I started thinking about ways I could get him wanting to stretch. How about the happy mouth mullen? He is very very extra sensitive in his mouth and I think a lot of his anxiety comes from me telling him any little thing.

What do you know he loved it. After the first five minutes he was stretching down and really holding the bit in his mouth. No opening of the mouth and a lot less pulling. Everything felt better and he really jumped well. On some horses I hate the happy mouth especially those who tend to lug down because they lug down even more but it works on a horse who you want to take the contact. He was so good!


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