Show prep and fungus

Nothing like walking into the barn and seeing three swelled up legs on the horse you want to show this weekend. Three of the horses in my big field are getting some sort of reaction to something which is an unknown at this point. I don’t know whether it is from the pond, the field or the trails that we ride on. One horse in the field doesn’t have it yet another horse that did the same trail ride doesn’t have it so I am striking out on what could be causing it.

It is sorta of a modified version of what Dixie had on his face but it goes up and down their legs and causes a weepy oozing puss and the legs swell up. I have a call into the vet this morning but last night I gave them Dex and bute since it was after vet hours and I scrubbed the legs down with microtek. My personal horse, Junior, had it pretty bad two days ago and it still hasn’t went away. He is sore on his. Boppus, my other personal horse, has a modified version but no leg swelling and just little oozy scabs. Dixie’s looks similar to what Junior has although he wasn’t sore on it. I really hope I don’t go back to the barn and see any more horses with this. 2yrs ago I had a horse develop ehrilicia which is a tick born disease. One of the first symptoms that arose were swelling in all four legs and a temp. We tested for a lot of other things before doing the tick related blood test. Ehrilicia isn’t something the vets see a lot of locally but I don’t rule anything out with ticks since our spring is filled with ticks. I am sure this isn’t ehrilicia but it would be nice to know what is causing this.

After scrubbing up all the horses and trying to make them feel better I gathered up all my tack to take home and clean. Well I should say I gathered up my bridles/martingales and breastplates. Have I mentioned on here that I have a tack obsession. I love tack especially bridles and I am one of those annoying ebay snipers that steals away a $300 bridle at the last minute for $150 🙂 I also have an obsession with blankets too but I have tried to curb that slightly this year due to limitied storage space. I have a feeling I am going to struggle to stay under control once the new barn is up!

Anyway…I typically have anywhere from 3-6 horses I am riding. Most of the horses all have their own bridles and equipment. I am very busy and since I work during the day I have to really cram all my riding in and I typically ride from 4pm-8pm. I don’t clean my tack. There I confessed and now I am feeling like a bad ex-pony clubber. I had brought my two personal horses to my house to hang out and eat some grass for a few days. I threw all my tack into the tack room of the trailer along with my cleaning supplies.

When I unloaded all this tack onto the porch my husband was getting very worried. You aren’t cleaning all of this tonight….right??? Nope, just what i need for the show. Two bridles, two girths, two breastplates, two martingales and my boots and spurs. I really pay for not cleaning all that often and when I do clean them I take everything apart and get out my hand toothbrush and really go to town. It is rewarding to look at gorgeous clean tack.

Today I have to clean my two saddles and a few more things and then perhaps over the weekend I will clean all the other horses tack. I really need a working student 🙂 In my dreams! The sad part is that I have really fancy bridles hanging in a closet in my house that I don’t use because they are too fancy. I really need some sort of program for this addiction I have. I am going to retire some of the older tack and donate it and make myself use this really nice tack I buy.

I hope Dixie is going to be good to go for the show. My plan was to ride Dixie and Mick tonight with a little jumping and run through my dressage test which I still haven’t learned yet. Then pack up the rest of their stuff and the trailer. We have to leave at 5am so it will be an early morning.

If you have any ideas on that fungus feel free to leave a comment. I am hoping the vet will know but not sure whether I should put them on antibodics or not. Three days and my horses still has not cleared up. I am thinking a course of SMZ’s might be in order but waiting to hear from the vet.


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