Lumps and Bumps

Late last week Dixie came in with these two lovely “things?”

My guess was they were hemotomas but no idea what he did or how he did it. The one on the neck looked like an abscess from a shot but it had been 2+ weeks since I had given him Dex for his hives. I painted the bumps with DMSO and Cortisone and they reduced slightly. I had the vet out for another horse so I wanted her to take a look at them. My mom had me all freaked out that it was a joint capsule in his knee and OMG how could I be so calm about it all. Having young Tb’s over the years you see it all and my panic level is very low.

The vet also thought they were hemotomas. Maybe he fell down on his knee and then hit his neck on something? She drained the one on his knee (ewwwwww) and a good deal of fluid came out but it was clear. She explained that because the fluid moved all around and traveled to the areas that had less pressure you could tell it was a hemotoma and not something more serious. The one in the neck did not drain any fluid but she took a little bit of yucky stuff when she pulled back with the syringe. She wants to look at it under the microscope to view the white blood cells which would indicate an infection of some sort.

Dixie was well behaved for all the prodding with big needles. I am fascinated by all the neat things vets get to do. I always wanted to be a vet so whenever I have the chance to watch new things and increase my education I take advantage. I have to keep painting these with the dmso/cort mixture and do a sweat on his knee using the dmso/cort and a knee sweat.

I had a great ride on Dixie last night. I am starting to get really excited because it is all coming together. I now feel a horse who is steady in the transitions and doesn’t rush back into the trot coming down from the canter. I can yield him away from my legs and he doesn’t rush or pull. We have an established right lead and the right lead canter becomes better balanced each ride.

My next focus is getting him to canter to the jumps. He wants to break to the trot and when I push him forward we really get all strung out and it looks a bit ugly. I am not too worried about this because it is an issue of strength and confidence for him. He wants to slow down and look at the jumps especially the first jump in the line. If the jumps are close together I can get him to canter out of the line but keeping the canter all the way around is not there yet.

We took a ride around the farm and he really enjoyed that. He makes me laugh because he is a horse that is very aware of his surroundings. He is not at all stupid about anything but he notices it all. He likes to stop and look and then he will walk on. It is almost like he is telling me hey check that out over it safe?? Okay, good to know I will walk on now.

He will be going up for a lesson with Janice Dugan this week. I am not sure if he has seen an indoor before so that should be fun. She has tons of jumpery jumps so it will be good exposure for him.


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