Video from the lesson

I left the sound on so you could get an idea of what she wanted me to be doing

We moved to the other indoor to test my theory that what tends to back him off is jumps with a lot of poles around them. He doesn’t care about solid stuff but if it looks “busy” or has poles in the front or back he can’t decide what he needs to do. I don’t mind because he is just careful by nature but in my lesson she was getting on me about being tougher. Don’t let him even think about looking. Over the one box jump (the first box we did) she wanted me to really sit up with chest out, feet in front of me a bit and push him over no matter what. I looked a bit yucky but it got the job done and on green horses that is sometimes what you need to do.

I am off tonight to go work some more on our canter. I have been riding on the nice sandy footing of the trails instead of in the ring since we have had not one drop of the rain everybody else is getting. Hopefully, these systems will bring us some much needed rain!


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