What makes me happy

This past weekend I picked up a horse at the farm where the CANTER horses get to rest after coming off the track. He is being adopted by somebody local to me and needed a ride home and Allie wanted him to have a quick tuneup before he was dropped off.

It was my first time getting to see the farm where the horses go after the track and these horses could not have it any better. The farm owner was so nice and you could tell he loved each horse. The farm had huge huge fields that were so hilly I couldn’t even see all the horses. I am not sure how big the farm was but each pasture had to be at least 30+ acres and they had nice grass.

Admiral is a 15.3 h 9 yr tb gelding. I don’t know much about him but apparently he raced quite a bit and earned some good money. He is a big left ankle but the moves so light across the ground. He walked right up on my trailer and unloaded w/o a fuss. I turned him out with my other two horses and he trotted once around and came in his stall to hang out. He acts like has been here forever and is loving having a stall. I find it amusing how the horses that come from field turnout situations can’t seem to get enough of their stalls at first. My stalls open right into the fields so the horses come in and sleep during the day and hang out.

I have ridden him three times now and he is so laid back about it. He can be a bit opinionated at times when he would like to go somewhere besides where I am telling him to go. He will just stop and I have to tap him with the whip and he gives right in. I think he is a smart guy and is testing me out. We have walked around the farm and visited all the scary stuff. I think his new owners will love him. He loves attention and grooming. The more you fuss over him the happier he is. He deserves a good life with somebody who will spoil him rotten. Horses like this make me really proud of CANTER and their mission. He deserves his retirement and CANTER has guaranteed he will find a good home.

Isn’t he classy!

I also got a look at some of the new horses that just came into the program. They are too cute and were so busy trying to snuggle with me it was hard to get a good picture.

I am pretty sure we disturbed nap time. They are in a separate field being quarantined since they just came off the track.


2 responses to “What makes me happy

  1. I’m going to miss seeing Admiral at the farm. He’s such a character… it’s weird having “the Goonies” broken up 😦

  2. who are the two cuties at the bottom of the page? there adorable! will they be up for adoption soon? hopefully they will be under the canter horses page soon!

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