Dixie and I jump

We got another inch of rain last night so the ground is finally starting to soften up. I love the weekends because I actually have time to get all six horses ridden. Well I try to anyway 🙂 Yes, six horses to be ridden it is crazy for somebody with a full-time job. I make it work for the most part but the daylight is starting to work against me. I really thought I would have Dixie and Indy sold by now but nobody is really looking so I am planning a new attack on advertising.

I went out and changed up the jump course today adding in two new jumps and adding fillers to others. I have so many barrels it is silly so I tend to use them for everything. The plan is to get some more traditional fillers (boxes, coops, walls and rolltops) when I can afford them. For now we just make it as interesting as possible.

There has been a lack of picture taking lately as my hubby is working at our farm getting all of our cross fencing installed. I asked him to come out and get some pictures for me so I can find one I like for an ad for Dixie. I am very particular with pictures and we really didn’t get anything ad worthy today but I will share anyway.

All the horses were freaked out by the new jumps especially the plank jump (wooden pallets). Dixie was giving it the evil eye and tip toeing around it. We had some looks at the barrels and things but Dixie is a horse who looks but really doesn’t do any hard spooking. A nice change from those who leap 10ft sideways so fast you dont even know what happened.

I did a quick warmup working on suppling the trot and upward and downward transitions. I got some flatwork video so I will post that later.

We warmed up with our x-rail.

I can not explain what I do when I ride this horse. I really don’t look like this on other horses but he jumps in a way that makes me end up the neck. I think it has to do with the way he pushes off from behind it thrust you forward. Not to mention I had already rode four horses and was so so tired.

Next the barrels under the vertical

We moved on to the barrels rolled out in front of the vertical. He really gave this a nice round jump. Notice the splayed legs.

We still struggle on cantering to jumps so the take off is awkward. It is improving. We got a bit close here.


He went right over the scary jump

There was a lot to be happy about in today’s session. First off he is confident. He is not backing off at the scary stuff or jumping really low. I feel that he is rounding his back and using himself. He is no longer scared of the height and matter of the fact I think he could use a bit more height. The canter is coming along and we cantered a few fences in a really nice balance.

I know I always say this but I love this horse. He tries so hard and when I look for qualities in a horse I look for brain and work ethic. He is a horse I really enjoy riding with because he is always willing to give it 100%.

I am going to try to convince the hubby to come out for a few hours tomorrow for some pics of Indy and more pics of Dixie. I might increase the height and see if I can really get a few good pics for an ad.


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