Flatwork continued

Here is a recent conformation shot of Dixie. It was dark so the light isn’t good but you can see how he is changing and building muscle.

Friday we worked on lunging in the vienna reins. I admit to not lunging my horses often. I find lunging very useful but I would rather be riding for the most part. Friday I was waiting on the farrier so I needed to be near the barn.

Dixie with all his equipment on

Dixie lunges well for the most part especially for the little time we spend doing it. He likes to cut in the circle sometimes and doesn’t know voice commands. I lunged 10 min on each side using tons and tons of transitions since that is what he needs the most work on.

His movement gets nice everyday

He suprised me with how balanced his canter was on the smaller circles. He is able to hold the canter longer and longer and I was told to work smaller circles so he learns to balance so we are 🙂

Please pay no attention to my ghetto lunge line. I have a really nice one laying out by my other ring. This one got broken by Dixie during a session where I was lunging him over x-country fences. I haven’t bothered to replace it yet because I hardly ever use it but when I do use it I get reminded I need another one. The amish tack shop normally makes me a nice long one so I will have to make a note to get one next time I am over there. I think it should be red…I love red 🙂


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