Need an uplifting blog post- General Forrest Update

I have posted some pictures about General Forrest in past blog entries. General Forrest and Flint Hills were the first horses I had for CANTER MA. General was a very pretty 4yr tb who had zero self confidence. He was scared of everything and anything but he wanted to be a good boy. It took me 3 months to get him to go around a course of ground poles and everytime I changed something in the ring he was scared to death. It is funny now that I look back on it but I can tell you there were many days I would have sold him for a $1 🙂 Trail rides..ha I ended up walking back home once because he was just so scared.

I kept working and he gained confidence in his ability to figure things out on his own. He was no longer terrified of jumps and I began to take him to some local hunter shows. I always knew he could jump but boy did he really prove that with the right type of ride he could be the horse to beat.

This is General before he was sold to Olivia. He was being tried by another teenage rider in this picture.

I am normally a bit skeptial about selling my ottb’s to children or teens but I never rule it out simply because of my experience riding Tb’s when I was younger. I believe a confident teen can often do wonders with a horse that has a good mind but just needs more confidence or mileage. When Olivia showed up to try General I knew she was a great match. She came back several times and I trailered him different places so she could get a good feel for him. She has been showing him on the local hunter circuit and I got this wonderful email.

Hi Jessica! It’s Olivia. I am just emailing you to tell you how wonderful General is. Today was Generals first show in a couple months. We jumped four 2’6″ courses and placed very well. Competion was a little stiff but we still got all seconds thirds and fourths. My Little sister, she’s 11, has also been slowly learning ride General.  She took him in the green hunter division. She did WONDERFUL! General was excillent! She had four classes, walk trot, she got 5th out of 7. Her third one was walk trot advanced she placed 2nd out of 7. Her third class was walk/trot/canter and she pulled a 1st! Then she did a four cross rail canter course and got 3rd!  She ended up taking grand champion! She was the youngest kid with the biggest and youngest horse! I was so proud of my baby and Liz! Im so happy! He did so well! l love him so much! Here is a picture of me, Liz, and General!
I got this picture which really makes me smile. Remember the days of decorating your horses with all their ribbons. Doesn’t general look like he is so used to be fussed over by teenage girls. Love it!
Thanks for the email girls it is nice to know General is spoiled rotten and still kicking butt in the show ring!


3 responses to “Need an uplifting blog post- General Forrest Update

  1. Aww… good boy General! I’ll always remember him being a total ham in the barn when we came to visit. 🙂

  2. General Forrest is a sweet and most gentle horse. He takes good care of my girls and is such a happy and fun horse to be around. He trusts Olivia implicitly and her trainer, Annalie Beck, is really impressed with him as well. He loves showing and being out and about. It is sometimes hard to believe he is only 5.

  3. BTW, Olivia and General have just joined Pony Club!

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