Dixie goes hunting

I have been so anxious to start hunting. I joined Wicomico but today I accepted an invitation to ride with my friend. Her hunt is a local hunt with a very small group. I believe there might have been 10-12 riders total and only four of us in the field.

Dixie was confused why I put him on the trailer with his tack on. It was chilly this morning and I hadn’t ridden him in a week so I figured it could be interesting but more than likely not. I know Dixie pretty well and he is a horse you can just pull out of the field and go. He got his cooler on (an awesome triple crown plaid full body cooler with irish knit lining I got on ebay for cheap!). When we got to the hunt I bridled him in the trailer and thought he could be nervous when he got off but he was not nervous at all. He munched some grass while I got my helmet on.

I got on and walked around the hound truck to let him hear/smell the hounds. He did not seem overly concerned. We stood and waited facing the hound truck when the hounds were let out and he got a bit scared and went backwards but then turned around and checked them all out. I suppose 15 or so hounds pouring out of a truck is scary.

We were off. We did some trotting and cantering around the edge of the woods and Dixie was his cool and calm self. My friend’s horse is a bit of a pistol and ripped a few good bucks and kicks but Dixie did not feed off of that at all which was nice to see. We then did a lot of standing around while the hounds were in the marsh. It was my first time hunting so I was taking in all the sights and  sounds and trying to learn as much as possible. I let him eat some grass while we were standing and he was really quite good about standing. He walked a little bit but about what I would expect. He was aware of where the whips horses were but did not get upset if they came by us.

We had another good trot/canter before we called it a day. I was extremely proud of Dixie and everybody remarked how well behaved he was and I got a couple comments of how nice looking he was. We hunted in a loose ring snaffle and he was just as soft as could be. He was not hot or spooky. I thought he was really a pleasure to ride. We were out for about 2hrs total.

I can not wait to go again!


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