Indy takes his turn hunting

Poor Indy gets neglected as I am just overwhelmed with the farm projects, to many horses and now dealing with lack of daylight. I feel bad for him because he really wants his own person and although he is perfectly nice he has only had two people look at him the whole time he has been for sale. I think people possibly think he has holes for $3500 and all the mileage. We toy with raising the price but who knows. I can not seem to figure out the market but if you know anybody looking for a super fantastic smaller horse he does it all and is so fun!

I picked up my friend and her horse and we headed over to Starkey’s farm in Galena, Md for a 11am hunt. Most of us had the holiday off so I was glad to be able to get out and hunt again. I wished I would have clipped Indy but not enough time to get it all done. He does not get a thick coat but I knew 2+ hrs would be a bit out of his fitness level if we went hard so I planned to go in early if we did.

It turned out to be a slow type of day. We did a lot of standing around mixed in with some good trots and canters but mostly standing around. Indy was not sure why the heck we hurried up to run to a certain spot and then just stood there- he always thinks I am dumb so nothing new there. He was a bit excited in the beginning which for Indy means cantering instead of trotting but it was a super slow canter and he was very respectful. He just can not quite get his body to trot until he relaxes it all. He did really well standing at the checks which was almost suprising b/c at horse shows he isn’t fond of standing at the in gate for hours. He will walk happily but standing takes to much effort.

We had an awesome trot through the fields and he did jump a few ditches….weeeeeeeee. We had a really good trot/canter for about 10 min through the woods where we went up and down some hills and he was loving that. We had to go guard the sheep pen and turn the fox and hounds if they came that way. I left the group and rode the other way and Indy could have cared less. I think you could do darn near anything with him because he does not get buddy sour or herdbound. He will lead or follow and he had hounds popping out everywhere around him and he did not even jump where Dixie always seemed to jump.

By the end of the day I was riding on the buckle and just along for the ride. I swear he knew what was going on and he listened to the hounds. I think this could really be his thing but he loves to trail ride and go out and about. He is not strong or fast but he could go all day. He does not seem to get tired as we go but he never was “up” to begin with.

My husband was along driving the hound truck and got some pictures but the camera is out in the truck and I don’t feel like getting it so I will share tomorrow.

I got home and joined some friends for a trail ride on Dixie. He was really tired today probably from hunting on Sunday. I think he needs to get a bit fitter so I need to find a way to fit in some more trail rides during the week for him.


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