Hunting on Wye Island

I took off work today to meet the saddle fitter but we worked it out so that I met her at the end of the hunt..see I have the addiction already!

I was out with Wicomicio and we were hunting from Wye Island today. I had never been to Wye Island before but what a beautiful place! When I showed up I was shocked how many trailers there were! I think there were about 40 people out simply because it is such a beautiful fixture with big open fields, woods and surrounded by water.

The day was overally very slow but I thought it was a good chance to see how Dixie handled himself especially after a really fast hunt on T-day. I was in the middle of first flight today and lots of horses were very up! It was chilly and we would maybe have a trot here and there with possibly a few steps of canter but then standing around. When we would move off many horses got very silly throwing in some bucks or kicks so you had to be careful to keep your eyes up at all times to watch the horses around you.

Dixie is always a tiny bit anxious at the first few checks. He stands but backs up a bit at times. No real big deal. He was once again super easy to handle with no issues.

At the last bit of the hunt after we had been out for 2.5 hrs we finally had a really good run. We went flat out across a big wide open field. I was already near the front but when Dixie opens up his stride that boy covers some ground. I did my best not to pass anybody that looked like they didn’t want to be passed and it was so awesome!!!! Dixie calmly pulled up when I asked him to and then we stood for a while. I had to go in to meet the saddle fitter so I asked permission to head in.

What was most awesome about Dixie is a left the whole group of horses to go in by myself and that horse never even once acted like he noticed. I had a few miles to cover so I had a great trot all the way back and just smiled the whole time b/c I am enjoying myself and my horse.

My saddle…wow a person who rides several horses every day of the week can really compress wool. There was almost no wool in there so she really got me back in order. I really love my county saddles and I believe they are good for my horses back. My saddle is a medium wide but has skid row panels and while my horse is out with an injury I had plenty of wool added to fit it to the narrower Tb’s. I need to get a narrow tree so I am saving up for one.

Dixie was such a good boy and Gina, the county saddle rep for DE/MD/VA, loved him. Gina also fox hunts and events and at one point we looked up and realized all the other trailers were gone and Dixie was just standing quietly tied to the trailer hanging out. I was impressed that despite other horses acting a bit silly he never even thought about taking advantage of the situation.

I plan on hunting this Sunday so lets hope the weather is good!



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