Houston, we have a sound horse!

Is there anything better than walking into the barn seeing an abscess that has popped?? Dixie is back in action which makes me oh so happy.

Monday he got a light lunging just to make sure all systems were go. He was happy to work and as I lunged him with just a halter on I realized he had come a long way from our intial lunging sessions 🙂 I really love Tb’s because they love to work. No attitude just happy to be doing something. I let him do a bit of trotting and cantering each way before taking him in and giving him a good curry. He looks like he needs to be clipped again.

Yesterday, the weather was nice so my friend Tara and I tacked up Dixie and Indy and went out for a trail ride. Can I just say it is so nice to be back on Dixie. He is so smooth and just so darn easy to ride. No fuss or drama and it’s like riding in a lexus. There is something about riding him that just makes me happy but perhaps it is just that is he so comfortable? I suppose I have bonded with him and we know each other. Fox hunting has a way of making you appreciate your horses and how hard they try for you.

The fields were still really muddy so we got a bit of trot in before we had to walk for about 15 min. Indy was a bit fired up and wanted to canter. I think I need to keep thinking about the bitting solution with him. He didn’t care for the 3-ring as was evident by the look like he was stuck in one place with no where to go. We found a good dry place and had a nice canter and the boys were happy about that. Dixie snaked his next with a bit of excitement but settled in nicely. Indy was bouncing up and down with happiness.

I feel so blessed to have such beautiful land behind my farm where we can ride (although they were hunting). The horses really enjoy getting out of the ring. My friend Tara is a confirmed hunter rider so riding out of the ring makes her a bit uncomfortable. She just needs a lot more practice. Wait until she goes fox hunting 🙂

I plan on hunting tomorrow and my friend Alison is bringing her horse along with me. It is supposed to be cold!!!! Not sure who I am going to ride yet. Lucky me to have three horses to choose from. I think either Dixie or Indy will go so I will check them over tonight and see who looks ready.


One response to “Houston, we have a sound horse!

  1. You just have to sort of make Tara canter down a hill. That’s what Allie did to me a bunch of times. Left me the choice of “get left behind with cranky horse” or “just canter down the stinkin’ hill” LOL

    I’m mostly over my fear of terrain now.

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