Stay away from computer when on pain killers

My goal this week was to get some pictures of Dixie so I can finally finish making up his sales ads. Sales ads are so much more complicated then one thinks. Do you know how many times you have to jump each jump to get the “perfect” picture. Horse has to be just right and the rider needs to look like they aren’t a monkey. Make sure the background is not cluttered and the color is right. Very complicated if you ask me and I am not even the one taking the pictures. Lucky for me the hubby is very supportive and understand the need to have perfect pictures and video to illustrate the horse is exactly as my ad describes.

Anyway…the photo session was going really well. Dixie had time off to deal with that abscess he got when he stepped on the clip of his shoe. I was super excited to have him back in action. Jumped a few jumps in the ring and then moved out to the coop to show he jumps the natural stuff to. Had a super idea to jump the post and rail that I put up around my ring. We jumped in and out just fine. Don’t assume the horse will always go because when they don’t you will end up taking a header. The 3rd attempt (in the name of perfect pictures) didn’t go as planned and I took a lovely header off my horse giving myself a bloody lip, nose and a cut underneath the eye which was producing mass quantities of blood scaring my poor husband.

If you want to know how shallow I am all I was worried about was my pair of new reins which Dixie broke when running back to the barn. Oh and on the way to the barn he ran past my friend Tara who was riding Indy. Apparently, Indy wanted to join but was quick to settle down when Tara suggested he not join up with Dixie.

I got back on and jumped a few more fences. Saturday I went and got my CT scan of my face and neck but I was given the all clear sign and some muscle relaxers and pain killers. Since I couldn’t turn my head I took one of each and sat down at the computer to edit some pictures.  Somewhere along the way I managed to delete my whole photo album on webshots that I had of Dixie so all my pictures that were on the blog disappeared.

We got a few good pictures of Dixie so it was worthwhile and he made up to me with a glorious day of hunting but that is another blog entry.

x-rails are so boring


One response to “Stay away from computer when on pain killers

  1. well, sometimes looking like a monkey in a sales ad is OK. It says, “hey, this horse puts up with ANYTHING!”

    At least, that’s what I tell myself when I see my pictures. *grin*

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