Video from our hunt

Here is the video my friend took of us hunting

I was so excited that all my fields had dried up and I was back to riding everyday but now we have been swamped with inches of rain and everything is soft again. Hubby is traveling this week so I will have to wait to get my truck back so I can head over to the indoor.


2 responses to “Video from our hunt

  1. How fun! Dixie looks so nice and mellow but occasionally, “Hey, let’s get this show on the road!” LOL! Was is Bay Day at the hunt club or what?


    • jessicamorthole

      Seriously to many bays! My hubby got confused taking pictures thinking another horse was Dixie. There is one that looks like him but with a full clip. He gets slightly bored at the checks early in the day but then settles down as he goes. He knows what he is there to do and one thing about our territory is there are a lot of fast runs mixed with long checks so that is difficult for a younger horse with it’s blood pumping who is ready for more running. Luckily, he is pretty easy to convince to stand.

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