Walking in the woods

It was another dry summer and mother nature is taking revenge by dumping lots of rain on us for the past few months. I know it could be worse with freezing temps or ice but still depressing for those of us who need our daily rides to stay sane. It becomes obvious to me how quickly I get depressed when I can’t ride as often as I would like to.

One sacrifice about moving to our own farm was that we have no ring with footing. I have one 100×200 grass ring and another smaller grass ring but with all this rain they are so soft and squishy you can only do flatwork and sometimes it is just to slick so you just walk and trot. We have lovely state owned land behind us but with hunting season you really shouldn’t be riding out there…shouldn’t being the key word but I am not that good at following the rules and often head out for a lap or two around the big fields.

I am been in a funk as of lately. No real desire to do much besides groom the horses. It is probably just my body’s way of saying take a break as the horses, the farm and all the money that it takes to run the farm causes a lot of stress and you just need to decompress for a bit and do nothing.

On these days I just tack up a horse and meander through the woods and the fields. My hubby is away this week for business so I have all the chores to do but I left the chores and saddled up Dixie. I have perfected opening the gate from his back. I have to leg yield over the fence and unclip the latch and then we push the gate open. I headed out for about 25 min mostly at the walk because everything is so muddy but I think Dixie and I both enjoyed getting out. It is wonderful to have such a nice horse that you can just go out and relax and not worry to much. I am in my own little world and in some ways I think he is to. We mostly just walked on a loose rein and if there was a harder spot to trot on we would do a little trot.

I washed his legs down and gave him a good curry. He loves to be curried and he really gets into it. Then he looks at me with his big eyes and I know he is begging for a treat. He is not a hard core begger but it’s the look that gets me. I try not to get them to spoiled but they deserve some treats now and then.

Not sure if I mentioned that Indy will be moving on to his new home next weekend. A lovely couple are buying him as a horse to hopefully whip on and Indy loves hunting so I think it will be the perfect fit. They both love tb’s and appreciate his good nature. I am super excited to know he will have found his people.

I need to finish making a collage with Dixie’s pictures and do my ad’s on dreamhorse and equine.com. I think I will make that a weekend project. I hope to hunt on Sunday but the weather forecast looks cold and wet. If the footing is good enough I am going. Hunting is a great way of escaping your normal routine and enjoying nature.


3 responses to “Walking in the woods

  1. What’s the price tag attached to Dixie? Is he a CANTER-owned horse, or one you’ve retrained and are selling privately?


    • jessicamorthole

      Susan, I emailed you privately. Dixie is a CANTER owned horse that has been with me for retraining so he is for sale via CANTER but his price reflects his training.

  2. Dixie sounds like such a wonderful horse!

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