Sunday’s hunt

I offered my friend the ride on Dixie this past weekend for the hunt. Her horse was causing a bit of stress with a slightly puffy leg so she was wisely resting him until the vet got out.

She came over on Saturday with her two daughters to test out Dixie. We all rode in the ring and then went out on the trail ride. It is always fun for me to have people to ride with as I get lonely riding alone all the time. We had a fun trail ride and it was great to see the girls riding.

Sunday was the hunt at O’neals Farm which I think is technically in Bethel, De but close to Laurel, De so I alway say Laurel not knowing what town it really is in. It is by far my favorite fixture because there are jumps 🙂 Hunting is fun but hunting and jumping at the same time is even better. I was riding my horse, The Boppus. I hoped he was going to be good as he was a tiny bit silly the last hunt and we planned on riding first flight this time out.

Thankfully, Boppus just had the look in his eye that let me know it was going to be a good day. He got off the trailer relaxed instead of thinking he was going to the races. Dixie on the other hand was a bit on the go which was not normal for him at all.

It turned out to be a fair day of hunting. The scenting was not great because of dry conditions and wind but they were on the fox except for they were in a place where we could not get to them. Many of our fixtures have swampy areas and of course that is the favorite place for the fox to run or so it seems that way to me. Boppus was jumping so huge but it was awesome feeling. Boy he can really move and jump which is quite thrilling. He has become more rideable as he gets more experience. We did get a few long spots to the bigger coops because he was just galloping along but that was okay. He also learned to wait as he had to compact his stride to follow in behind other horses.

Dixie has become super game in the hunt field. He too jumped everything he was pointed at and my friend said he was very eager if not a bit to eager. It could be some of the feed changes I have been making and just the thrill of running and jumping.

We were out for about 3hrs and I was exhausted at the end of the day. I have been increasing the amount of riding and jumping and my body is catching up.

I need to get some updated photos and video of Dixie but my hubby has been working crazy hours. Hopefully I can get some this weekend.


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