Ultimate trail horse

When I just need to relax there is nothing better than a trail ride on Dixie. I had to show a client’s horse in a local dressage show early Sat. morning so when we got back to the farm we decided a trail ride would be a perfect way to get the other horses ridden without having to work to hard. My hubby was up on his horse, Tara riding Sebastian and I took Dixie. My husband isn’t much on cantering so we just headed out at the walk and trot.

We took one trail that looked like people had been out there in big vehicles riding back and forth and it was all thick mud. We picked our way through there and got onto good ground again. I lead the trail on Dixie who tends to be the bravest of the bunch. We stopped for a bit to let my husband practice his canter. Tara and I just stood in one spot and he would go up the field and then turn around and canter back to us.  It is a great way to practice in the open without having to deal with horses cantering in a group. Dixie just stood and waited without a care in the world but I do think he was wondering why Boppus got to canter and he didn’t.

We made another lap around the fields and then headed in. I think they all enjoyed it and once again I realized how nice of a partner Dixie is out on the trails. He is a real steady eddy type.

I was making a new jump course yesterday for all the horses but then it started to pour so I got rained out. Looks like better weather the rest of the week so I think we should be able to get some more riding in.

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