CANTER horses collide

Well we all ended up at Frying Pan Park over the weekend for a fun outing. I love getting together with all my friends and seeing the CANTER horses and the rest of the horses. I brought three horses with me and lent out Dixie to another friend in need. He is officially the guest horse which is a role he takes seriously. Out of shape and haven’t ridden in a while but want to have fun? Well Dixie is your man.

I neglected to tell my fellow borrowers that my week was crazy so the horses hadn’t been ridden. It’s all good they are very sane horses and Dixie doesn’t need any prep.

He was a bit OMG when we got him off the trailer and he saw lots and lots of kids everywhere. It’s a big public park so we had bike riders, people walking, a tractor pulling a huge wagon full of people and those evil baby carriages. His normal routine is walk in a circle and then take a deep breath and he is good to go.

My guest rider was Marit and she has see Dixie at various events and admired him so I was glad to see her ride him. She got to borrow my new saddle to which is awesome. Lovely county stablizer xtr in narrow with skid row panel that I bought off ebay for a steal!

The other horse I brought along for a friend was a bit star struck but he has been a backyard ring horse for his whole life so Dixie went to keep him company in the ring while he realized he wasn’t going to die. They both joined us shortly after.

We had a group warmup where we trotted and cantered around.

Little logs are boring!

We got a clip of him dropping off

I got to see Klondike and he is the cutest thing ever! Kelly gives him an awesome ride and he just lopes to the jumps with this perfect canter making it all look so easy.

Woody was also there and lordy that horse has a hind end that is quite a treat to see in action. I am sure there will be plenty about them so go check out their blogs.


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