Remembering- tb’s are smart!

I got rained out on Wednesday but yesterday the sun came out and I was determined to ride. My grass ring was soupy but all I wanted to do was walk/trot. I got a new bridle (seriously I have an addiction to bridles!) so I fitted that to Dixie. It is a sabre brand with a figure eight and a padded crown. Herm sprenger brass buckles and a brass chain browband. Sabre is a really nice english brand and the bridle was super reasonable on ebay. Dixie looked really pretty with it on so money well spent 🙂 After getting the bridle all fit to him we headed out and my goal was to walk on a loose rein and then when I did pick up the contact focus on making him go right to work with no fussing.

He has grown up so nicely and we just ambled around looking at everything. The people next door were sanding their deck and that was quite noisy but he didn’t seem to care. I did some leg yeilding at the walk on a loose rein just getting him to move off both legs softly. When i picked up my contact he wanted to fuss but I put both legs on, elbows at my side and kept my hands steady no matter what. If he fussed I added more leg. He gave up within 1 min and I had the best ride ever. Wow, he was soft and across the back. Moving nicely around the right leg. I was super excited.

I had to email my instructor to say thank you because a lesson like that is so valuable when you can go home and repeat it to your horse and he instantly gets it. Sometimes I just need a reminder myself of where I need to be with my body and that I need to be tougher.

I gave Dixie a really good curry and lots of treats. Not sure of our weekend plans yet but thinking about a x-c school while the weather is so nice!


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