Meet Total Wildcat- pics/video

It is so much fun getting to start with a new horse. You just never know what they will be like so the journey makes it very interesting. So far he is like a big puppy. Stands like a statue for everything with perfect manners and is more interested in people than horses. He is about 15.2 h but wide and I imagine with muscle he will be a tank. He look settled in enough to ride him so I lunged him first and he was hard to keep going so I just got on him. He went around like a kid’s horse. Very slow! His feet are a bit ouchy so shoes are in order but very willing and straightforward. Went right over the ground poles and then right over the flower boxes. Attitude is everything so I think he is going to be a nice one.

If you want to look retarded put up a video of a first ride on a horse that doesn’t know much about steering or leg. I didn’t want to sit on his back for the canter but he couldn’t quite get in gear which is totally normal. I haven’t even seen him trot around in the field. I see some trail rides in his future to get that hind end strong again. He rides like a kid’s horse. He might have a bigger stride with shoes on so it will be fun to see.


One response to “Meet Total Wildcat- pics/video

  1. Wow! He is adorable!

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