Wildcat update

Wow, this horse is super cool. I am just doing some basic w/t trail rides with him until he gets shoes on. He is very brave and confident heading out on the trails by himself  just walking or trotting on a loose rein. He is not spooky and more curious than anything.

Today my hubby headed out to give me some company riding Dixie. The local teens must be ready to have a bonfire as they have blocked the trail both ways with piles of sticks. The spot we had to cross was blocked with a piles of sticks, a comforter and a couch cushion. Dixie was not about to go and Wildcat was not sure. I whacked him with my hand (should carry my whip) and he jumped forward and walked around the scary stick pile spooking Dixie and he drug a pile of sticks with him 🙂 He was such a brave boy to go around the pile.

We had a really relaxing ride just walking along and catching up. This horse is super quiet and easy. Those who might be shopping should come take a look before he gets a lot more training and his price goes up.


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