Tracks, outdoors and indoors

Wildcat is proving to be an easy project. I have been riding him on the trails around home to get him built up again. When horses come off the track and get turned out they tend to lose a lot of muscle and just feel weak in their body. I love just taking them out and doing lots of trotting on the trails to build their hind end back up.

Yesterday, we headed over to the local indoor for something new. It actually wasn’t raining when I got there so we first went around the track. No flashbacks for this guy and it is hard to imagine he even raced. I could barely get him to trot or canter! He just wandered on a loose rein taking in all the sites. Not to mention he unloaded perfectly off the trailer and stood for me to tack him. We went around the track and then took some video of him which looks like it is in slow motion 🙂

Then we went into the outdoor ring and there were some groundpoles with a 9ft rail to a x-rail so I thought this would be as good as time as any to teach him to jump. He was initially a bit cautious of the three ground poles so I walked between them a few times and not over them and then when I turned to walk over them he had it all figured out. We added some trot in and then walked over the x-rail and trotted it a few times. We also played around in the big water puddle which he thought was tons of fun.

Then we went into the indoor and I thought he might be scared but nope! He walked right in and was happy go lucky. I did some more w/t/c and trotted over the x-rail. He has no clue about jumping but is willing enough which is all that matters right now.


One response to “Tracks, outdoors and indoors

  1. What a wild thoroughbred! Aren’t they all just crazy?

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