My favorite part

I love when a horse starts to feel better and they physically can start pushing off the hind end and working into the contact. They go from short strided and uneven to powerful within a few rides. Those trail rides are really helping Wildcat to gain his muscle back and putting shoes on made him feel like a new horse.

We all know I am a lover of Tb’s but it is hard not to be when they are so damn fun and easy. Perhaps I just get all the easy one’s but I don’t think that is the case. Tb’s just try so hard to please and Wildcat is no exception. I didn’t ride at all this weekend so I just hopped up and off we go. I wanted to get some pictures of him so my hubby came out.

Immediately he wanted to stretch down into the contact and was powering around with a lovely trot for a smaller horse.

My ring is not enclosed so it is great for teaching a horse to steer. He is all about the barn 🙂 I get to remind him nope outside aids mean move over. Don’t make the mistake of trying to turn a horse with the inside aids when they are bulging through the outside shoulder. You just turn their neck and not much more. Instead I would do a slight counterbend and leg yield him a few steps and then straight again.

He is the world’s slowest cantering horse! I really have to work to get him into it using my stick to give him a tap. They have to learn that leg means go. He shook his head at me which was quite funny 🙂 more like slow cat! It will take a while to get him strong in the canter but no worries.

Kurt loves to watch me jump the greenies as they always do something funny. Looking at the pictures makes me laugh. I was reading a thread on the chronicle of the horse where someone said a horse who can’t figure out how to jump should be sold as there are many who figure it out quickly. I am not a believe that all horses learn at the same rate. You have to remember these horses went from the track to a big field. They don’t have any muscle and they sure don’t have a clue how to carry themselves. Pushing off the ground is not entirely easy so I just don’t worry about it. I have had many horses start off a bit slow in the jumping department and later turn into fantastic jumpers. Not saying that is always the case but you can’t stress early on.

What I love about this horse is his attitude and for me that is number 1!!!! Scary flowers no problem. Big pile of brush under a jump was not even worth a second glance. He sorta picked up his legs. I was working on being soft and staying out of his way. Jumping babies makes for some very retarded pictures.

The next plan of action will be to either do some free jumping or lunge him over a few more solid jumps to let him figure it out. He trys so hard so he just needs to understand what I am asking of him.

He has the fungus all over him so he got a microtek bath. He is so lovely to work around. Stands perfectly w/o moving a muscle and even let me wash his face. He is just so easy. I will say it again but I love my ottb’s!


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