Best attitude

Tonight I took wildcat out to lunge him over some jumps. I have a few that I use for jump training. A round green pipe which is nice and heavy, three barrels side by side and a really long black drainage pipe. They are all about 2ft maybe a bit bigger but all round and forgiving to mistakes. I like them because they are a bit more solid that your traditional jumps so the horses have something to pay attention to and if they hit them they will get the idea that perhaps they should pick up their feet.

I do have a small grass ring that I will eventually use for free lunging when it is finished being fenced. Finishing projects is difficult when both of us work full-time jobs but it is almost done 🙂 Anyway I have to lunge him over the jumps which is really funny because he is slow and he doesn’t know much about lunging.

We started with the smallest which was the green pipe and I had him going but each time he turned to the jump he slowed down. He just walked up to the jump and jumped it from a standstill 🙂 I was able to get him trotting and he would just trot over nicely. I would have loved to get him cantering away from the jump but he is seriously slow!

Next was the blue barrels which he went right over. Normally they make a horse look but I think wildcat is not bothered by much.

Then he did the black pipe as well just nice and easy. He doesn’t see a point in getting excited. His jumping form is not beautiful but his attitude is. I think he will be jumping nicely soon. I might try to take him x-c and let him do some baby jumps following behind another horse. Right now his issue is he is so slow he doesn’t think the effort is necessary. When I buy one to resell this is just the way I like him. Anybody could ride him and he is just so darn fun to work around.


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