View my Rear

Ha, got a new horse in this weekend from CANTER named View my rear. Love it! He is a big 16.3 maybe bigger chestnut who is going to be very nice. I have decided I love horses with Peaks and Valley bloodlines they are big boned, big bodied and have big heads 🙂 He gets to hang out for a bit longer and be a horse before he will have any riding done with him.

Dixie is looking amazing. I had the chiropractor come out and adjust him which he loved! He had been getting slightly stressed by the increased focus on the flat so we backed off a bit adding in some trail rides. My student also took a lesson on him this week when her horse came up a bit sore. She is the same student who rode him before the fox hunt and struggled to get used to a more forward horse. I was so excited to see her progress as well as his progress because they cantered around beautifully and she jumped courses and he was doing his changes and looking super.

Wildcat has some interested buyers so we shall see what comes of that. He continues to be the most lovable horse around as well as so easy going.

Here is a video from May 1sth from a lesson with Dixie.


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