New Horses!

Nothing more exciting that working with new horses. I already talked about View my Rear. He is a big boy I am guessing close to 17 and very sweet but lacking in the understanding of personal space.

Our first donated horse arrived today from Delaware Park. His name is Top Punch and he is a 16.1 h 12yr tb gelding. Yes, he is 12 yrs old and was still racing a week ago 🙂 He had super owners who owned him most of his racing career and took great care of him. He is a true sweetie and lovely clean legs that show he was managed well. I am looking forward to seeing what he is all about. He has done some hacking at fairhill, md already during his down time from racing and has recently been taking his trainer out to watch the morning workouts. I love a classy horse who knows his job and seen it all.


3 responses to “New Horses!

  1. Wow, Top Punch is a babe! Pedigree Query says he made 50 starts. (Do you think that’s accurate, or do you think it’s more?) That’s just amazing — I’d find it such an honor to have a horse like that in my barn. (If I had a barn 🙂 )

    • jessicamorthole

      Yes, he did make 50+ starts and close to $200k. He has had a long race career but is in great shape and was well cared for. I do feel honored to be the one who will help him journey into his next career.

  2. I’m not normally crazy about chestnuts, but I was doing some searching in anticipation of possibly being in a position to adopt a horse, and came across View My Rear at Canter’s website. There’s just something about him I absolutely adore; here’s hoping I get the promotion!

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