Dixie went out on a trail ride with a prospective buyer this weekend and I was riding Wildcat. We had a lovely trot/canter around the field until we came back and all realized we were covered in ticks. I have been picking ticks off the horses everyday and Dixie has a few that are really hot and swollen. I hear many people are having issues with ticks this year and it is making me more paranoid than normal about lyme disease and other tick related issues.

I have to say I am loving how my horses are looking on the ration balancer. It has been almost 3 months since we switched and their muscle tone is great and their coats are amazing. Dixie looks better than he ever has and so do the rest of the horses.

View will get his foot fixed by my magical farrier tomorrow so I should be able to get on him soon. Punch is crusing around at the walk and trot and has hacked out on the trails. He is loving life and is such a professional.


One response to “Ticks!

  1. splishsplashriding

    I hate ticks! They make me squirm…almost worse than roaches! I have pulled 3 out of my boy’s forelock in the past 3 weeks but I”m sure there have been more that I haven’t caught.

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