Weekend of relaxation

I live about 10 min outside of Dover, Delaware and when NASCAR comes to town we hunker down on the farm to avoid all the crazy. Dixie was supposed to be tried again by a potential buyer but she had to reschedule.

Dixie has been chilling lately with not a lot of exciting things to speak of. My student rode him for me the other day when she was over for her lesson. I love having other people ride him so he can become a bit more versatile. She jumped him around 2’6″ courses very easily and he was a really good boy.

This weekend Dixie got to fill in the role of husband horse out on the trails. My hubby rides maybe 2x a month and when people ask if Dixie is tolerant I always say well my husband can ride him 🙂 Kurt is actually a good rider despite not riding all that often. He has good balance and he is very soft which is the number one requirement for riding Tb’s in my opinion. Don’t kick, pull or fight with them and they are happy campers.

I was riding my connemara/tb for his first off the farm trips since his knee injury in September. It was really great to be back on him but he is such a silly boy. He has more go than any of my tb’s! Go..go..go and go some more is his mantra and he is fat and out of shape and still trying to GO! Dixie could care less about my silly horse charging off in front of him. Junior can out walk Dixie but Dixie by far has a bigger trot stride. We rode out for about an hour just a nice walk and trot. Kurt suggested I bring his interested shoppers over to the trail system to try him out because that is when you truly begin to appreciate how great he is. Kurt loves a horse with good brakes and Dixie ranks on the top of his list. He says he doesn’t even have to half halt he just has to think about it and Dixie slows right down for him. He also finds Dixie really comfortable which is good for me because I can convince him to stay out on the trails longer. I love having the company as I always ride by myself.

When we got back to the trailer Dixie stood ground tied while we put our tack away. My horse was pulling me all around…lordy he is such a pain in the butt! What is great is that they both self load on the trailer. Just throw their ropes over the neck and point them up the ramp. Gotta love that 🙂

It was a beautiful day for riding. I am hopeful Dixie will find a home sometime soon but I will be very sad when he goes. He is a horse that I can just pull out and let anybody ride and that makes him truly special and worth his space in the barn.


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