Another new horse- Archie Boy

I love getting new horses in and hope the blog readers don’t mind all my rambling on about them all. Archie Boy arrived from Delaware Park today and settled right in. He was donated and will get some time off before starting his retraining. He seems very sweet and these horses coming in are in gorgeous condition. Both Punch and Archie had the best of care and it really shows.

Getting his roll on


4 responses to “Another new horse- Archie Boy

  1. Kym & Guinness

    I am so glad he is at your farm—he looks so happy & proud! Isnt he just gorgeous? What is his personality like?

    • jessicamorthole

      He is very sweet and has settled in nicely. He is excited to be able to be turned out but no big turnout until he gets those shoes off. He is really gorgeous.

  2. Congrats on the new man. He is very good looking! I’m looking forward to seeing his progress (as with the others).

    I’m such a sucker for bay OTTBs!

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