Not a lot of exciting things going on with my horses lately. Like everyone I have really tightened up the outflow of cash so I can focus on not incurring anymore debt and trying to pay off some of what we have. That means the showing and lessons are limited but that is just the way things go. My fun fund depends on horse income whether it comes from retraining, boarding or sales so when they slow down so does everything else.

We are still doing a lot of training and this weekend we are heading to a paper chase sponsored by my hunt club. The chase will be at Wye Island which is an amazing place to ride. We got to hunt there twice this season and it was a treat to enjoy the beautiful scenery. I know some friends are coming along. My mom might end up riding Dixie if she isn’t taking her horse and if she rides Dixie then I will ride another horse.

My friend has Top Punch out on trial right now. We aren’t keen on letting horses go out on a trial but I know her and she takes excellent care of the horses so it should be fine. She has already trail ridden him around the farm and over the weekend she joined a group of friends at Fairhill, Md for a trail ride and he was really good. Apparently, he isn’t sure about water and we have a lot of that laying around right now. She has put on some muck boots and lead him through it to get him used to it. He should figure it all out soon enough. She hopes to make him into her next foxhunter. I won’t speak for her but I do believe she was almost suprised that he was so quiet and laidback. I am a good reader of horses and am pretty good at matching horses up. When she told me she sold her horse I knew I had her next horse in my barn if I could convince her to come and look 🙂 Her last TB was a lovely horse but just not suitable for the job she wanted him to do. When you have a horse that doesn’t want to do the job and you have to deal with the antics that come along with that it takes away a lot of your confidence and enjoyment in riding. She wasn’t sure she wanted another TB but I reminder her that you just have to find the right one 🙂 I gave her Punch for 2wks to test out so she would feel confident in her decision. I hope it works out but if it doesn’t no big deal. He is a class act!

Archie Boy and View my Rear are turned out together and just getting the opportunity to enjoy life. We have so much grass we can’t keep it all under control. We always wanted more land then the 11 acres we were able to afford to buy but now we wonder how we would keep up with it all when we struggle just to maintain 11 acres. Those darn full-time jobs really get in the way of taking care of a farm 🙂

Dixie didn’t get sold which is okay with me. It will happen soon enough and in the meantime I have a fun schedule for him finances depending. He is headed to the paper chase this week which should make him really happy. I have a few jumper shows and events in mind as well if the weather cooperates.

I want to get a small camera I can put in a pocket to take some pictures when out on trail rides and paper chases. I might look around on ebay for something. Looks like a rainy week again! It is really raining with huge cracks of thunder this morning.


One response to “Updates

  1. Bummer about Dixie. I’m sure the right person is going to come soon.

    I think your (and your horses’) fans are going to need a few more pictures. “Not much to update… here’s a pic of the boys in the pasture…”

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