Wye Island Paper Chase

The weather has been rain, rain and more rain lately. We have been trailering out to ride on some local trails that are very sandy so Dixie is about as fit as it gets. I rode him twice last week and my hubby also rode him. He is just so much fun to ride out on the trails and he makes me laugh with his silly personality. There was this huge puddle that was sort of deep and he slowed down and then just jumped in it like a kid doing a belly flop. He thought that was very funny.

My husband loves how he can just ride on a loose rein and Dixie responds so nicely. He even did some cantering on Dixie our last trip out which is great for me because he rides a bit to slow for my liking but I don’t push him to canter if he doesn’t want to. We cantered a good stretch and he said it felt really comfortable to him. My other horse who he rides is so big and has the biggest stride and a bit of a hard mouth so I think he gets intimidated by the canter on that horse.

Saturday we headed to Wye Island for a paper chase. A friend came along to ride Dixe and I rode Junior, my conn/tb. Junior is rehabbing from a knee injury and I taught we would be out about 2 hrs which was within in fitness level. More like 3 hrs! In the beginning, my horse was ready to go and Dixie was totally chill. Then he woke up a bit after we got some good trots and canters under his belt. It is interesting to see how much he has changed. He is just not in a hurry to get anywhere. My friend had ridden him at a x-c schooling in March and said he felt much improved in terms of his comfort level with contact and his canter was really much better. Good to hear that feedback!

Wye Island is a beautiful place to ride with huge open fields and lovely paths to trot and canter. My horse was full of go the first hour and the last two hours his head was hanging and I felt really bad that he was so tired so we eased back in. Dixie is just a pleasure to ride. He knows his job but he could go all day. He is what I call a forward horse with a great brain. Very adjustable and behaved but no mistaking him for another breed. My friend said he felt like he could have cantered forever but was never in a hurry to go any faster just happy to be going along.

My mom was also there riding the former CANTER owned horse, Flint Hills. She brags about him all the time but she said she had the best ride she thinks she ever has had 🙂 He really is an awesome horse so it is pretty darn rewarding to see her having so much fun.

I am going to check to see if the public is allowed to ride there so we can go back. It is an incredible place and just a lovely area to condition the horses without stressing their legs.


3 responses to “Wye Island Paper Chase

  1. Hi I am a rider in that area and just wanted to pass along that yes the public can ride there.


    I take my dogs all the time and they love it! Isn’t gorgeous?

    Feel free to email me.

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