Trail horse delux

Tonight the hubby and I headed out to the local trail system. I was planning on riding my young horse but he pulled a shoe so instead I had to ride my fat boy who had already gotten ridden but it wouldn’t hurt him. We finally remembered to take our quiet ride masks with us.

The mosquito’s are horrible this year with all the rain and this trail system is mostly wooded but lots of water everywhere you go. My hubby has gotten in a real groove with Dixie and was leading the trail today which is great. He normally likes me to lead just in case the horses spook (the horses in front always spook first). Dixie wasn’t spooking..he rarely spooks but hubby is a bit of a wimp (sshh..I didn’t say that).

My horse doesn’t have shoes on yet so we decided to go down the dirt trail and then around the grass edge on the road and wind our way back. The footing was real swampy so we had to ride right along the road edge. Two motorcyles came by and of course they didn’t slow down but neither horse even budged. Gotta love ottb’s who are comfortable with traffic.

Hubby was feeling relief that he survived the motorcycles when Dixie stepped on a plastic bottle. First he stepped on it with the front feet and it made a loud noise causing him to jump sideways and somehow it ended up hitting his back leg making him jump again. I was laughing because he couldn’t get away from this bottle and hubby didn’t know what to do. Finally they got over the bottle and we had a good laugh at how motorcycles are not scary but plastic bottles are.

We got to the part where we had to cross the ditch to get back to the trailer and my horse wasn’t really sure about it as the grade was pretty steep down where they had to go down, over the water and then up a steep hill on the other side. I asked Kurt to lead the way just giving Dixie the reins and grabbing mane. Dixie picked his way through very gently. I swear he knows when hubby is riding. He didn’t even jump the tree on the path (hubby hates jumping!).

It was a lovely ride but the bugs are getting really bad. The B-52 Bombers were out  at least that is what we call them. Huge black horse flies that you can hear buzzing and they chase you down. Pretty soon we won’t be able to ride in there at all so we are enjoying it while we can.


2 responses to “Trail horse delux

  1. Use the dryer sheets tucked under the bridle for the bombers! Works AWESOME!

    • jessicamorthole

      I think you are thing of deer flies? They are the ones that look like triangles. Bombers are big black flies about the size of my thumb that typically like to land right in the crack of their butt causing a lot of hysterics all around. Junior gets more of them than any of the other horses although I don’t know why. Either because he is black or because he stinks 🙂

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