The life of a CANTER horse on my farm

Somebody left a note they wanted to see more pictures of the horses not in retraining and I finally had a chance to get a few this morning. When the horses come in they just get turned out and allowed to be horses. My stalls turn out directly into a sacrifice paddock which can then be opened to various other paddocks which are in rotation. The horses just come and go as they please so sometimes you will find them out eating grass while other times they are in their stalls just relaxing.

This is the week of the lost shoes. I am off work today and just saw View walking around limping. Of course shoe twisted so I took that off. Good thing the farrier is coming today. Dixie lost a shoe on a trail ride muddy! Archie lost all his shoes since he arrived. My horse is also missing a shoe. Fun times on the farm. Today is will be taken up by the vet and farrier.

View and Archie are best buds

Somone talking to us?

Dixie was standing in the run in until he heard me come out and then he was starting to walk over. Look at the lovely grass!

This is one of my horses, Charlie. He is a troublemaker and pushed everyone else over so he could come and see me. He is a real lover! With a face like that how could he not be.

View is to big for his fly sheet! His barrel is huge.

Archie is a gorgeous horse and I am eager to see what he is like to ride. Right now his feet hurt and his body is still in the funk stages. Another month and he should be ready.

We had another horse arrive who has a sesamoid injury. He will be getting some x-rays later today to see what his future holds. Lovely 3 yr who just wants to follow me around like a big dog.


2 responses to “The life of a CANTER horse on my farm

  1. I’m a relatively new reader of yours (via a link from Fug) and Archie caught my eye. If you go to my website, you’ll see why.
    What generally happens to the horses after you have them? You rehab/train for Canter and then they get new homes? I’d be interested in knowing more about this process. Thanks! 🙂

    • jessicamorthole

      The horses come into my farm and then I start retraining them. They get out to a few local shows, we trail ride and get them a variety of different mileage and then we put them up for resale.

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