Dixie has found a new home

Dixie has been sold to a reader of his blog 🙂 You just never know who is reading and thinking they must have this horse.  Sometimes when a horse has been for sale for a long time people think there must be something wrong with them but over the past year he has been advertised I only had three people see him. One came when he was first advertised and he was still super green. The next person was a foxhunter but looking for something a bit more made and the next person really liked him but he just wasn’t quite the right one. The fourth person was the charm. His price was low, then high and then dropped recently as we just needed to move him along to free up space for more horses. Wouldn’t you know with the price drop tons of people were calling and emailing. No interest for months and months and then boom everyone had to have him. There was never anything wrong with him sometimes I think it is just all about the right time and the right person.

His new owner is a reader of the blog and had been following him from the beginning trying to convince her husband she had to have him. We took a nice trail ride going up and down some banks, through water and mud and testing out the gears. He self loaded and unloaded and showed what a pro he is off the farm. In his new home he will be trail riding, schooling some x-c and hopefully heading to some lower level events. She might even try foxhunting.

He will head to his home over the weekend and I know she is going to love him because I will miss him like crazy. I am losing my foxhunter and my favorite go to horse when I want to have a fun ride. My hubby had really bonded with Dixie so now I am going to have to convince him to try out my horse on the trails and he is not to keen on the idea. If you see a tall man riding a fat conn/tb don’t laugh to much 🙂 He is worried my horse will be to spooky for him but I think he will be fine.

Dixie had his vetting yesterday which was a spur of the moment decision but we wanted to make it work for our schedule. He had lost a shoe during our trail ride and we had to walk back on the rocks so needless to say he was sore on that foot! Otherwise he vetted out with no issues which is always  relief for everyone involved.

Yesterday was supposed to be a great day knowing Dixie had vetted clean and was getting a super new home but I had to deal with euthanizing a lovely animal. We had taken in a horse that we knew had a fractured sesamoid and he needed to be moved off the track right away. We were hoping he could be rehabbed but the x-rays were really bad and he had no chances of being pasture sound. It was the first horse that I had to euthanize but it was not as hard as I thought it would be because I was confident we were making the right decision. RIP Full Motion you were one of the good ones.


6 responses to “Dixie has found a new home

  1. Even though I’m going to miss reading about Dixie, I am so happy that he found a good home. He seems like a very nice gelding. And yes, you never do know when one of your readers may get off their duff and come and get one….
    I’m also sorry that Full Motion had to be euthanized. Without a doubt, you and everyone else at CANTER did everything they could for him. I’m glad that he was among friends when he was laid to rest.

  2. I hope this does not mean you will discontinue with you blog updates. Checking your blog is part of my morning routine.

    • jessicamorthole

      I hope to start riding Archie Boy sometimes soon and Allie is checking to see if she has anything else ready to get started in the retraining process. It will feel very strange to only have one horse to ride (my own!). Last year I was riding 4-5 horses a day.

  3. Oh good! I enjoy reading about your training methods and how you bring along the new OTTBs! I have always wanted to take something off of the track, but I am not sure I have the skills necessary do it correctly.

    Happy to hear about Dixie finding a great home but I look forward to keeping up with the new arrivals progress!

  4. Glad to hear the Dixie has found a forever person. I love what you and CANTER do with OTTB’s. Your blog is a daily routine for me. Keep ’em coming. RIP Full Motion.

  5. I too really enjoy your blog and your take on horses and training. I look forward to hearing more about your adventures with OTTBS

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