This was not in the plans!

Our day started off really lovely yesterday. We woke up early and headed out for an early morning trail ride with friends. I met up with my friend who bought Top Punch. I can not tell you how happy I am for her and for him. He led the whole trail ride up and down the steep hills, through the woods and open fields. He was quietly walking/trotting along on a loose rein never glanced at a thing.  I asked her if he ever spooks at anything as I just could not believe how amazingly brave he was but she said he rarely looks at a thing. My husband is now riding my conn/tb and having a blast. I thought he might be scared by some of the hills but he had a blast. My horse is a bit on the hot side always bouncing up and down but hubby is not bothered by him which is great.

We headed home with our horse and got them unloaded and then loaded up Dixie for our two hour trip to drop him off. The plan was to meet his new owners at the Prince George Eq Center in Upper Marlboro, Md. We got about 1/2 mile when the truck started sputtering..oh no. Hubby eased off to the side into a Ford dealership and said we were done for the day and going no further. He thinks it is the fuel pump. Love our truck but lately it is falling apart.

I call Dixie’s new owner and relay the change in plans and they come over to meet us. We unload him in the middle of a car dealership and he was a bit confused by it all but loaded quietly up on their trailer.  She called to let me know he had settled in well and was super relaxed about his new barn.

We waited for close to 4 hrs for a truck to tow us home but thankfully we did get a ride home. We have US Rider coverage and I strongly recommend them to anyone who drives a truck trailer. They are wonderful to work with and we have needed there services several times over the past few years. They cover you no matter what vehicle you are in and even if you are a passenger in someone else’s vehicle. It was $395 to get towed home and our coverage allows for 100 miles or $400 which ever comes first. We had a really bad day but it didn’t cost us anything and we were lucky enough to be able to find a parking lot to unload the horse and he got home safely.

The scene when we arrived home 🙂


2 responses to “This was not in the plans!

  1. Oh! What a pain! The same thing happened to us, but we were **trying** to take our new filly back to our farm. So frustrating!

    Good to know about US Rider. I’ve been thinking about it, but didn’t *know* anyone who had it. Thanks for the recommendation! 🙂

    I hope it’s a simple fix for you and the hubby.

    p.s. He rode your Conn/Tb and had a great time? Awesome! I know you said they’ve had an interesting relationship in the past. Good news, that means more trail rides for you and your training Tbs!

  2. Ashlea and Splash

    I was just talking to my hubby about US Rider this weekend….as we passed a truck and trailer practically in the middle of no where Eastern NC with 2 (yes….2) completely shredded tires…on the trailer!!! Thankfully there was a really really nice wide shoulder there and they were able to get the rig completely, and several feet, off the highway and it wasn’t all leaned over into a ditch or anything. We will definitely have US Rider when we get a truck and trailer!

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