Archie’s first ride

Archie has been giving me the look lately letting me know he is bored and would like some attention. I figured I would take him out and walk him around. He is a true gentleman to work around and just so sweet. Stood perfect in the crossties while I groomed him and tacked him up.

I walked him around the ring for a few laps letting him look at all the jumps but he was unconcerned. His reaction was to want to touch everything with his nose. I had my hubby hold him while I stood on the mounting block and then I always lean over the saddle first. If that goes good then I put my foot in and go halfway up and stand up but don’t go over the saddle. You can basically get a good feel at this point if they are concerned but he was bored with it all so I swung over. Hubby walked me a lap and then let go and I walked around.

Right now he is still tender on his feet w/o shoes on so you can’t tell much but I can tell he has a good brain and is really willing. He was more interested in trying to eat grass than anything I was doing.

He has a lovely eye my favorite kind of eye on a horse. Pictures weren’t super but walking pictures are not impressive. You have to see him in person to appreciate how pretty he is. He has a head that demands you to look at him.


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