New Arrival- Day 1

This weekend will be move in day for a few new horses. Our first arrival of the weekend was Etrain. He was donated to us and will have some time off before he gets evaluated. I believe that is how you spell it but not 100% sure on that. Here is his pedigree-

He is a 5 yr 15.3 h gelding built more like a tank than a train in my opinion 🙂 Look at his shoulder and hindend! I love watching a horse getting turned out for the first time after they have been at the track. They run for a few minutes mostly short bursts followed by long gazes into the green fields. OMG open some more..stop look a bit more. Then 5-10 min in they suddenly remember mmm..grass is tasty and no more running. Etrain joined View and Charlie in the pasture. View is really funny because he sees zero point in getting excited about anything.  He just stood and watched Charlie and Train run around like whatever..I’m just going to eat now so don’t bother me.




View my Rear is silently judging the idiots running around ruining his relaxation time.

I did a night check about 9pm and they were all eating grass and looking at me strangely for walking through the pasture with a flashlight.


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