New Arrivals- Day 2

What a long boring ride to the CANTER farm out in Maryland! I know what Allie says about me living in the middle of no where but I feel the same about the farm where all these guys are lucky enough to get turned out at.

Best part of the trip was getting to see Admiral. He was the horses that we adopted out and then he was slowly starved. When we finally got him back I was sure he was going to die on me but with three months of care he was looking and feeling good again. He now looks incredible just eating grass in huge fields with lots of other Tb’s. He was very snuggly and just had a happy look in his eyes. I also got to meet Mikey, Whisper and Truckee who are just over the top in terms of wanting affection. Anybody looking for pasture pets/trail horses really needs to go meet this crew.

Kelly was there to meet us and had already brought the two girls in. Rosey is one chunky girl right now! The other mare is currently nameless..well she has a name we just don’t know it. I don’t know her story but she doesn’t look like she is right off the track. They loaded up easily and rode home w/o an issue.

They are hanging out in my front field and my boys are very interested in them at the moment. First time I have had girls on the farm in a few years. I can’t wait to get on and try them both out!

I got on Archie Boy tonight for his first ride after he has gotten shoes back on and he is moving much better. He is so laid back and just adorable. Nothing bothers him at all and he truly is more interested in eating grass than me riding him. I am going to start trail riding him just a bit of walk and trot to get him going. I think he is going to be quite easy.


One response to “New Arrivals- Day 2

  1. You will have so much fun with Rosey- she is the best 🙂

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