Field trip for Rosey and Archie Boy

Another busy day of riding horses. The first set went to my mom’s house to get off the hard ground. Rosey and Archie were the most perfect horses today. Loaded/unloaded and just walked into the barn/ring like whatever. One got to hang in the stall while I rode the other. Not a peep out of them and just total ease to deal with. Gotta love that. Rosey is figuring out she has to go into the contact..leg leg and lots more leg to push her together but she is giving it a really good attempt and I was able to produce a lot of good work today even at the canter. She totally forgot what jumping was about and stepped over most of them. We walk jumped which was funny ;D Some work to do but I just adore her attitude.

Archie is a bit of a mystery horse. I know he has had the knee surgery but don’t know what is left over with the knee. I haven’t done much with him at all since he arrived but recently started to get on him once in a while. I figured I would take him and just see how he handled himself which was silly because the horse is a total class act. He is still sore a bit from feet, some from knee and just still body funky. I think it has been 2-3months of time off but with some of these guys that is just not enough time.

One of the new volunteers asked to come and see the farm and ride so I let her play around on Bella who was perfect. I rode Jem (the morgan who is here to be sold) and he was really good.

Swore she didn’t remember what jumps were but started to figure it out as we went along. I feel like I do Lucinda Green’s version of walk jumping on a daily basis with some of these young horses. Keep the jumps small enough you can push them over so they learn over is the only direction to go 🙂

Archie is so sweet and just so relaxed about life. I love this horse he just has the biggest personality. Always looking for treats and just wants attention all the time!

We learned that Bella aka Escape by the Sea has only been off the track for 2wks or so. I planned on giving her some time to just be a horse but since our volunteer wanted to see the farm and sit on one of the CANTER horses I pulled out Bella as I had already ridden the rest of the crew. I adore this mare she is just so smart and quite pretty to look at.


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