She jumps?

When I get horses I always assume they are a blank slate and treat them as such but for some reason I was thinking Rosey had way more jumping mileage on her than she really does. When I went back and read her blog she had only been doing basic x-rails. Not to mention a lot of time off and she had forgotten what it was all about.

Tonight, one of my students came out to ride her. Her horse has been on and off lame so I really love giving good rider’s the opportunity to learn a bit more. I am a believer in the more horses you can ride the better you will become. She loved Rosey and first started out riding her in a loose rein very much like a hunter. Then I asked her to put her together a bit more but taking up the contact and offering a steady feel and then pushing with the leg to that steady contact. Rosey was very good about that but like all horses that are a bit confused more contact means slow down so it is a funny balance with her.

Then we started to jump and things got funny! I think she wants to be a bit stubborn but she is also dead green. First x-rail a drive by to the right. Then she walked over it the next time but by then she was locking on and going.

Next x-rail has some brush under it and she was like OMG what do I do here and just stopped. Next time right over it. Repeat each new jump. It also had a bit to do with my student not being used to green horses but Rosey was not being bad just green. She ended up jumping gates, boxes and barrels at the 2ft height very calmly just a bit of explaining in between. I used some placement rails to help guide her straight. I love how calm and unaffected she is by things.

She is going to catch on quick and she has a lovely form over fences.

Some video from the other day. Remember she had month’s in the field, my third ride on her and she is barefoot and the ground is hard.


2 responses to “She jumps?

  1. the funny thing with the jumping is that even when she does a drive by or stops and walks over… she’s never flustered or upset by any of it. she still makes me giggle!

  2. I’m really impressed that you got/she gave the right lead so easily. That’s something that I struggled with my OTTB on. Even now, he gets a little fussy about it and we have to revert to a circle or somesuch to force him to pick it up.
    She’s cute!

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